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Motorola Talkabout T62 PMR, Radio de Banda ciudadana (PMR446, 16 Canales y 121 Códigos, Alcance de 8 Km, Azul
  • PMR446 – libre de licencia, 16 canales y 121 bajo canales, personalizables por mitgelieferter adhesivos
  • Alcance de hasta 8 Km, dependiendo del terreno y de las condiciones del entorno
  • Pantalla LCD, indicador de nivel de batería, Dual Power: funciona con pilas alcalinas AA estándar o baterías recargables NiMH
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Baofeng UV82 walkie Talkie Mayor Radio de Dos vías UV-82 Portable jamón Doble Banda VHF UHF Familia Receptor portátil Hotel Centro Comercial
  • Rango de frecuencia:. 65-108 MHz VHF: 136-174 MHz (Rx / Tx). UHF: 400-520 MHz (Rx / Tx)
  • Las funciones incluyen "VOX" (Transmisión operada por voz) y "OFFSET" (desplazamiento para el acceso al repetidor de frecuencia).
  • Configuración de energía de alta / baja (5W / 1W) programable de Radioaficionados
  • Bloqueo automático del teclado, de doble banda, exhibición dual y doble modo de espera
  • El último en proceden de la radio Baofeng! De alta potencia, la batería grande (2800mAh, hasta 4-6 días).
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Radtel RT88 PMR446 Walkie Talkie Recargables 16 Canales Walkis Profecionales Walky Walky Radiocomunicación con Carga Tipo USB Pinganillos Antena Clip para Construccion Restaurante Supermercado
  • It has an extra slim body, loud crystal-clear RX audio, Long distance capability, Great battery life, Multi-Feature Functions and it's very easy to use for all ages.
  • Frequency Range: PMR 446MHz.16 channel; 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS; VOX Function; Voice Prompt and built in LED Flashlight.
  • Our PMR Radio Walkie Talkies are perfect for the following applications: security guards, supermarket personnel, construction crews, outback survival, biking and hiking.
  • How easy is it? Turn it on, press the key to Talk, adjust volume to listen. Also comes with earpiece for private conversations. Has a robust belt clip. Battery power-saving features extended battery life. It tells you when you need to connect it to the provided intelligent charger.
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Headphone+U94 PTT Easy to Use Hearing Protection Radio Headphone High Strength 7.1mm for T80 for
  • BUTTON DESIGN: The PTT button is located at the bottom of the earmuffs, and the red button is lightly touched to initiate a call. A headset specially designed for large noise places such as airports, racing cars, docks, and mining.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: PU coiled cord plug connection design, the straightened length can 2.5 meters, suitable for different height requirements, and the sealed sponge earmuffs can be replaced. Rugged and easy to use.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: U94 PTT part adopts high strength PTT, which can be pressed continuously for 30,000 to 50,000 times. The wire is made of cold resistant PU tensile wire with high flexibility and toughness. U94 PTT has a clip that can be hung on clothes or belts.
  • EASY TO USE: Push the button to activate the PTT (Push to Talk) device. It is safer and more convenient to communicate with others. Suitable for 2.5mm walkie talkies such as for T5428 6200C T80.
  • APPLICABLE GROUPS: The ear rods can be adjusted in different lengths to adapt to different personnel. It is suitable for the staff who communicate with the aircraft in special places such as racing cars, docks, and high altitude operations.
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Helmet Earpiece Bilateral 150Hz-500Hz Motorcycle Helmet Earpiece Black for GP-340 for for GP-328
  • [Helmet Headset] 7.1mm motorcycle bilateral helmet headset, designed for use with motorcycle helmet.
  • [Stereo Sound] This motorcycle helmet headset has stereo and good sound quality characteristics, which provides great comfort to your ears.
  • [Easy To Fix] The earphones have hook&loop, which is easy to fix, very durable and easy to use. Noise reduction microphone, clearer sound.
  • [High Stength] PTT can press continuously for 30,000 to 50,000 times. Cold resistant PU tensile wire. Push the button to activate the PTT device.
  • [Application] Suitable for GP338 GP?328 GP?340 GP?380 and other walkie talkies. With a clip, it can be hung on clothes or belts.
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Shoulder Microphone Radio Handheld Mic 7.1mm Flexible Clear Sound Portable Tensile for 3.5mm Mobile Phone Plug
  • Durable U94 PTT: The U94 PTT part of the hand microphone adopts high strength PTT, which can be pressed continuously for 30,000 to 50,000 times.
  • Imported Speakers: Two way radio microphone uses imported 32Ω±15% at 1kHz speakers, large and thick sound, and providing high quality and clear sound.
  • Tensile Wire: The shoulder microphone adopts cold resistant PU wire, which has high flexibility, strong toughness, tensile resistance and more flexible use.
  • Portable: U94 PTT comes with a clip, which can be hung on clothes or belts, it is very portable, the button activates the PTT (Push to Talk) device.
  • Standard Compatibility: A practical walkie talkie accessory, professional design, suitable for 3.5mm/0.1in mobile phone plugs, with good compatibility.

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