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SM16A1 Microphone Speaker PTT Replacement for Hytera DMR Repeater MD780/G MD782U RD982U MD782V RD982V MD680 RD980
  • Portable: the size of the product is relatively small, it is convenient for you to carry around, it allows you to easily use
  • Economical and practical: Its price is very reasonable and affordable, and it is also very practical
  • High-quality enclosure: Its large enclosure made of high-quality materials makes it easier to protect in tougher environments
  • This speaker makes you don't need to carry your radio when you are talking and listening
  • SM16A1 Microphone speaker for Hytera radio, Compatible with radioRadios MD680 MD78XG MD780 MD782 MD782V MD782G MD783U MD785 RD980 RD982 RD982u RD982V RD985 RD965

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